Czech premiere: 8th August 2020 at the Mahen Theatre

Radio and Juliet

What would happened if Juliet decided to live?



7th international opera and music festival
28. 9. – 16. 10. 2020



Part of your life ... Part of your city ... For 100 years!

Premiere: 6th March 2020 at the Janáček Theatre

The Lady of the Camellias

Vice, love, sacrifice...



30. 06. 2020

Opera at Špilberk Castle 2020

Summer nights are best spent under the stars with music, and that’s why the company of the Janáček Opera of the National Theatre Brno has brought opera performances to the romantic Špilberk Castle for the fifth year.


24. 06. 2020

Premieres of The Greek Passion and Ferdy the Ant are postponed

With regard to the current situation, we have postponed the dates of two scheduled opera premieres. The premiere of Ferdy the Ant will take place on 22 August 2020, as a part of the NTB Summer Menu. You can enjoy The Greek Passion at the Janáček Brno festival. The premiere will take place on 7 October 2020. You can find updated performance dates in the programme. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to seeing you!


24. 06. 2020


The 7 th edition of the festival, Janáček Brno 2020 (28 th September to 16 th October), will undoubtedly build on the extraordinary successes of the previous years of this prestigious biennial. Janáček Brno 2018 was the first festival in the Czech Republic to receive recognition from the highly regarded International Opera Awards – the Best Festival of the Year award.


20. 03. 2020

Ballet of the National Theatre Brno - rescheduling the audition date!

Dear dancers, thank you for your interest in auditioning for National Theatre Brno. We have now sent out invites to the selected applicants. Due to the recent development regarding coronavirus in Europe, we are rescheduling the audition date to 23rd of May, 2020 . For the same reason, no private auditions or open company classes are currently an option. We are monitoring the situation and if anything else changes, we will contact invited applicants via email. Thank you for your understanding and we are looking forward to seeing you! In case of any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at .


10. 03. 2020

!Important notice regarding coronavirus precautions at National Theatre Brno!

In connection with the Ministry of Health of Czech Republic regarding the COVID-19, National Theatre Brno is obliged to cancel every performance and event in every building – Janáček Theatre, Mahen Theatre and Reduta Theatre,  effective immediately, 10 th  of March 2020, until further notice .


4. 03. 2020

Photos from the ensemble rehearsal of Greek passion

Premiere 9th April 2020 at the Janáček theatre


30. 01. 2020

First photos from oncoming world premiere of Monument

Premiere 7th February 2020 at the Janáček Theatre.


13. 01. 2020

A Bouquet by Prague Chamber Ballet again in Brno!

Prague Chamber Ballet with their new production A Bouguet again in Brno! After big success of January´s performance, we will introduce Prague Chamber again! Saturday 28th March 2020 at the Janáček Theatre!


10. 01. 2020

Gala concert - Charity Awards Gala 2020

After last year′s success, we are bringing back to Brno Charity Gala Awards from Vienna! Gala evening showcasing the brand new winners of the international contest of young ballet talents; European Ballet Grand Prix in Vienna. Winners will be joined on stage by the young soloists from the National Theatre Brno Ballet Company. Saturday  8th February 2020 at the Mahen Theatre.