Swan Lake

The immortal story that is synonymous with the word ballet.


Romeo and Juliet

Presented to the 80th anniversary of Brno World Premiere! Premiere: 8th March 2019, Janáček Theatre



25. 01. 2019

The Last Supper - DEKKADANCERS in Brno!

When two Mafia Dons meet at one dinner table, you can be sure that they will settle more than just the bill for the meal. You can expect a story of great treachery intertwined with sub-plots of gangsters, murdered cooks, secret agents and the fatal beauty of Russian ballerinas. Winner of the  Opera Plus portal’s Award for the Best Choreography of 2017 on Sunday 17th March 2019 in the Mahen Theatre.


13. 12. 2018

Gala concert Charity Awards Gala

As a complete novelty that will especially please ballet lovers, we introduce the first gala concert performed simultaneously in Vienna and Brno – the  Charity Awards Gala . The winners’ gala concert of the international ballet competition for young dancers, the  European Ballet Grand Prix,  held in Vienna, will also feature, in addition to the senior category winners, performances by European ballet stars and home soloists of the Ballet NdB. Do not miss the gala on February 9, 2019, at the Mahen Theatre.


13. 12. 2018

Manon - The JK Tyl Theatre in Pilsen

For the first time in two years, the Ballet Ensemble of J. K. Tyl Theatre in Plzeň will perform the ballet  Manon  set to the music of Alexander Glazunov in Brno.  The work of a world classic premiered last season in the neo-classical choreography of Filip Veverka. Sunday 3rd February 2019 at the Mahen Theatre.


13. 12. 2018

Hungarian National Ballet Budapest in Brno!

The evening of the three world choreographies! Tuesday 29th January 2019 in the Janáček Theatre.


13. 12. 2018

Lúčnica in Brno!

The performance, which Lúčnica will present at the Janáček Theatre on January 26, 2019, is based on the rich artistic traditions of the Slovak people, from the peasant, pastoral and craft environments, offering a selection of the most successful dance choreographies of Štefan Nosáľ, the long-time artistic director of Lúčnica whose 91 st  birthday will be posthumously celebrated.


26. 11. 2018

Summer Ballet Cocktail in the December!

Were you not with us at Spilberk castle in summer? There won´t be raining in the theatre! :) Only one reprise of the Summer Ballet Cocktail under the Mahen´s Theatre roof. Friday 28th December 2018!  Come to taste the Summer Ballet Cocktail 2018 and warm up in December with Ballet NdB!


23. 11. 2018

Made in USA - the last performances ever!

23rd and 24th January and 13th February 2019 in the Janáček Theatre. Last chance to see this title dedicated to choreographers who have lived and created in the USA. 


18. 11. 2018

LIVE STREAM | The Cunning Little Vixen | Today-15:00

The first broadcast from the Janáček Opera NTB is a new production of Leoš Janáček’s opera The Cunning Little Vixen on 18 November 2018.


2. 10. 2018


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22. 08. 2018


Balet NdB: After a huge success of Black and White at the Briggita Festival in St. Bridget´s Convent in Tallin (Estonia) on August 16, 2018, we decided to perform this show on September 21, 2018. This performance will substitute Edith, the Little Sparrow, which cannot be performed due to technical reasons. Spectators may keep their tickets and see the Black and White performance, or they can exchange them for a different date of Edith, the Little Sparrow (September 27. or 28.). Thank you for understanding.