Bluebeard’s Castle Expectation

Schönberg’s first stage work Expectation and Bartók’s opera Bluebeard’s Castle based on Perrault’s tale Bluebeard were created independently of each other, they are linked by the same psychological themes – expectation, hope and fear, which in the end grow into horrified realisation. David Radok made use of this in his production and linked both operas into a single whole.

Premiere 10th November 2016, Janáček Theatre


Leaf does not have to, God, pray for anything, you did let it grow and it did not spoil it. But what about me?



21. 10. 2016

Only two more chances to see Bluebeard’s Castle!

There are only two more performances of this outstanding co-production of Bluebeard’s Castle/Expectation with Opera Göteborg


21. 10. 2016

Janáček Brno 2016

Final Press Release


19. 10. 2016

Made in USA only twice in this season!

Two performances in October are an especial occasion.


18. 10. 2016

Brno has witnessed another opera miracle

The premiere of Bluebeard’s Castle and Expectation will be remembered as one of the greatest highlights of the Janáček Brno 2016 festival


12. 10. 2016

Theatre News Award for the Janáček Opera!

Staging of the Epic of Gilgamesh / Dido and Aeneas wins 2015/2016 Theatre News Award


12. 10. 2016

Brno plays host to the Arnold Schoenberg Choir

Grammy Award Winners


12. 10. 2016

Jazz Goes to Janáček

…and with it the excellent Norwegian singer Elisabeth Nygard


9. 10. 2016

The Cave and the Antonov airplane

Two keenly awaited opera productions of this year’s Janáček Brno Festival are here!