Technical specifications

You can download all technical specifications HERE.

Theatre Hall


Hall with 286 seats (241 seats on the ground floor, 45 on the balcony) in elevated elliptical rows. The hall is from 4th to 13th row equipped with the hearing induction loop. The stage and the 4th row has a barrier-free access. A platform for handicapped audience is placed in the 3rd row, seats 1-4. It is possible to assemble one interpreting booth matching the ISO standards without removing seats behind the 13th row. On the ground floor and on the balcony, the hall is equipped with basic 50 ohm cables for IR interpretation transmitters.


  • Width: 7,2m
  • Total depth behind the portal: 16m
  • Width of portal mirror: 7,3 m
  • Height of portal mirror: three adjustable positions: +2,5m, +5,2m and +5,6m
  • Curtain: dark blue velvet, drawn to the side pockets, controlled electrically with adjustable speed. The curtain is a part of the fire protection system of the theatre.
  • Revolving stage: diameter 7 m, static load 500 kg/m2, dynamic load 100 kg/m2, peripheral speed 0 to 1m/s. The revolving stage is equipped with  a distribution board with connection point of 400V/ 32A/ 5k and 230V/ 16A
  • Trapdoor: 2 pieces placed in the revolving stage,  0,9 x 0,9 m, controlled electrically
  • Stage Flybars: 22 pieces of point hoists/ in three rows, maximum load 160 kg, controlled electrically, maximum flying height +7m, minimum mutual distance in the row 1,1m. Maximum length of flybars is 8m.
  • Portal Flybars: 2, max. load: 160 kg, controlled electrically, maximum flying height +7m
  • Number of point hoists in the orchestra pit: 4, max. load 160 kg
  • Tables in the orchestra pit: 3, positions +0 m, -2,5m, -5,2m
  • Orchestra pit: ca. 40 m2, equipped with a camera for the preview monitors on the stage
  • Decoration Table: 6 x 3,6 m, max. dynamic load 100 kg/m2, max. static load 500kg/m2
  • The stage is equipped with movable rear horizon.
  • The sides of the stage are covered with fixed, non-removable legs, they can be lifted to + 2,5m.
  • The stage does not have a fly loft extension
  • Connecting points of 400V/63A/5k and 400V32A/5k are on the left side of the stage.
  • Connecting points for a broadcast vehicle power supply are on Květinářská Street, (2) 400V/63A/5k, with two independent electricity meters.

Stage utility rooms

Entrance of the performers is from the area bellow the stage, dressing rooms are on two floors below the stage. Artists´ dressing rooms are not barrier-free.

  • 4 individual dressing rooms for two people.
  • 6 group dressing rooms for 10- 15 people.
  • Make-up room for 4 people.
  • All dressing rooms are equipped with monitoring loudspeakers transmitting the sound from the stage and an intercom inspice [T1] 
  • The dressing rooms are equipped with monitors with an 8-channel internal TV circuit.
  • Dimensions 10.8 x 29m maximum height 7m
  • Capacity max. 360 people (theatre layout)
  • The hall is not equipped with any stage technology
  • The hall includes a painting protected by copyright and historically valuable architectural elements
  • lighting console Compulite Vector Ultra Violet with Wi-Fi remote control (Android, iOS)
  • 238 dimmers, 232 of 2kW,  6 of 5kW
  • two DMX circuits with splitters SRS light
  • a set of wireless DMX extender SRS light
  • it is possible to arrange dimmers on the revolving stage, maximum 12 of 1kW
  • it is possible to connect to Art-net
  • maximum four individual lines of DMX from the livepost to the stage
  • 1 projector Sanyo PLC-XF1000, 12 000 ANSI lm, XGA objective S03, S02, W03
  • 1 projector Panasonic PT-DW830, 8 500 ANSI lm, WXGA, objective ET-standard 1,8-2,5:1 a ET-DLE250
  • 1 projector shutter Wahlberg DMX,  direct control  of projector shutters via RS232
  • media player Coolux Pandoras Box Player 2008, one output
  • software ScreenMonkey Pro, maximum 4 outputs
  • 1 DVD player Tascam DV-D01U
  • 2 VGA extenders Cat5
  • 2 VGA hubs Kramer with 4 outputs
  • maximum amount of parallel video lines from the livespot to the stage: 4 composite PAL BNC, 2 HD SDI, 6 LAN Cat5