Petr Pan 19. 4. 2015

A magical story about the boy, who didn´t want to grow up...

Bohemia Ballet, the ballet company of the Dance Conservatory of Prague, has prepared for our youngest audience membersa dance performance of Peter Pan, which premiered las season in Prague. This magical production is inspired by the famous children´sclassic Peter Pan written by Scotish author J. M. Barrie. In tells the story of Peter Pan, the boy who didn´t want to grow up, the little girl Wendy and they fantasy-filled adventures to the Land of Make Believe, and the island of Neverland, where they encounter mermaids, pirates, Indians, crodiles and the fairy Tinker Bell...

Be swept away in the magic and enchantment of Peter Pan. 

Music: James Newton Howard
Choreography, Director and Libretto: Bérangère Andreo
Directorial and Dramaturgic Colleboration: Jaroslav Slavický
Set Disegn: Bérangère Andreo
Graphic Design: Miloš Koutecký
Costume Design: Renata Nováková
Costume Collaboration: Gita Marcolová
Assistant Choreography: Roberta Pospíšilová, Alice Kovářová, Ljubov Dančenko, Hana Vláčilová, Jaroslav Slavický


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