3 x Palindrom - three different ways

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In performances of Game Over in April 2016 you will see nontraditional alternative choreography of Palindrom. And there will be also the competition!

3 x Palindrom - three different ways

Game Over is coming! In April 2016 Ballet NdB will play three performances of Game Over, progressive author modern performance by dancers and choreographers from Brno, Martin and Marek Svobodník and Adam Sojka. One part of the evening is the choreography called Palindrom, visual atmospheric piece with an original musical dramaturgy, which includes songs by Nine Inch Nails or Arvo Pärta. 

Is Palindrom (from the Greek palindromos, running backwards) by Ballet NdB a palindrome where everything closes into the ring? Everything looks same and with the same meaning from any angle? Let´s come to see! We will play Palindrom three times with three different ends. We offer you another amazing experience. And there is a competition for audience, who recognise three different ends of Palindrom.


Demisoloist of Ballet NdB Markéta Habalová starts the choreography of Palindrom with a solo variation danced in front of the stage in a beam.
We preper for you three different ends of the choreography.
How is going finish Palindrom? Who is dancing in a beam in the end, where Markéta Habalová starts?
Write all three options of the end of choreography Palindrom and send your answer to an e-mail: korinek@ndbrno_cz
The winners will be first three competitors who will send the right answer.

Prices: tickets for performance of Ballet Ndb Made in USA and the signed poster of the ballet performance Game Over

Ballet NdB is looking forward to your answers.

Ballet NdB - Game Over:
5. 4. at 7pm; 6. 4. at 11am and 15. 4. at 7pm, Mahen Theatre

Photo by Petr Badin

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