La Bayadere Ballet Gala 2016

  • Michail Lobuchin
  • Alexandra Timofjejeva 2
  • BaletNdB Bajadera Ludek Svitil 1
  • Michail Lobuchin 2
  • Alexandra Timofjejeva 1
  • Ludek Svitil Bajadera 1
  • Michail Lobuchin 3
  • Ludek Svitil Bajadera 2

Ballet Gala with the Russian ballet stars. Like a Solor Michail Lobuchin  will be dancing, a first soloist of The Bolshoi Theatre Moscow. Like a Gamzatti Alexandra Timofjejeva  will be dancing, a first soloist of The Kremlin Ballet Theatre Moscow.

The finale of celebrations of International Dance Day will be the evening programme in the Janáček Theatre - gala performance of the classical ballet by Ludwig Minkus Ballet Gala / La Bayadere. Alexandra Timofjejeva from The Kremlin Ballet Theatre Moscow (Gamzatti) and Michail Lobuchin from The Bolshoi Theatre Moscow (Solor) appear in the evening of the festival Russian Culture in the Czech Republic. In the past feasted this festival many ballet stars from most famous Russian ballet companies - The Bolshoi Theatre Moscow, Mariinski Theatre St. Petersburg, Mikhailovsky Theatre St. Petersburg and the other famous Russian theatres. You will see Ballet Gala not like a traditional gala concert this year, but like a whole performance with special soloists. Enjoy the night with ballet stars not only in concerts parts, but in the interpretation of the whole role. We believe it will be the great experience for all our audience and the nice dot after the International Dance Day.

29th April at 7pm, Janáček Theatre

photo by Damir Yusupov / Petr Svítil

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