Choreographic Workshop

We are preparing the eighth creative project of dancers from the Ballet NdB... 


Creative workshops are nothing new in the dance world. Original purpose is catching up the young choreographic talents inside the company. The choreographers, who do their first performances, and also the debutants, participate on this year at Choreographic Workshop. Many choreographers from last years continue in this year also, and we can see like they are growing up in their works. Come to back up new generation of young authors into the Reduta Theatre! Ballet NdB invites well all visitors from Brno´s foreign-language groups and communities. Students, tourists, families, work teams and singles are invited. Dance helps to overcome language barriers. Come to understand each other with us.


No Prejudice – Enjoy Ballet!


When we play

Thursday 10. 06. 2021 19.00
PREMIÉRA PROJEKTU Připravujeme pro Vás.
Reduta Theatre
Monday 14. 06. 2021 19.00
Připravujeme pro Vás.
Reduta Theatre