Dance Brno 2016

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420PEOPLE / Györi Balett / Prague Chamber Ballet / Dance Brno for children – exclusive guests of Ballet NdB

23rd year of the contemporary dance and physical theatre festival Dance Brno offers an extraordinary program. We introduce you a creation of Czech top independent professional companies and also an interesting guest from abroad. In the Mahen and Janáček Theatre we offer you three evenings of contemporary dance and a ballet concert for the small confessors of the Muse Terpsichore´s art.

420People – Mirage
Dance Brno 2016
This year´s festival Dance Brno performs on the scenes of NdB interesting dance guest. For example a front Czech company of contemporary dance 420PEOPLE, which was founded in 2008 by Nataša Novotná and Václav Kuneš, exmembers of Nederlands Dans Theater of Jiří Kylián. Their performance oscillates between a humor and pungent questions, which aim into the heart of them who stand on the stage and try set laughing the audience. A choreographer Václav Kuneš is inspired with stand-up comedy, among others with a legendary Robin Williams. The high quality dance and gags mix on the stage, all accompanied by original music of exeptional Canadian composer Owen Belton. Original cast expanded by actress, singer and performer of French origin, Chantal Poullain, in the spring 2016.
22nd May 2016, 7pm in the Mahen Theatre 

Györi Balett – Bolero / Carmina Burana
Dance Brno 2016
Second guest of the festival Dance Brno is the legendary Hungarian dancing company Györi Balett, which was founded in 1979 by a famous Hungarian dancer and choreographer Ivan Markó. The company brings two world famous titles of classical music of the 20th century. Carmina Burana by a composer Carl Orff in choreography by excellent Youri Vàmos, who is well known for our audience. Ballet NdB has performed in his choreography two success ballets - Coppélia on Montmartre and Lucidor. Second title is Bolero by Maurice Ravel, who is among the choreographers perceived as a great creative challenge. We know many treatings by all choreographical generations of the 20th century. The most famous is by legendary Maurice Béjart. Györi Balett will perform creation by a choreographer András Lukács, the premiere was in the Wiener Staatsballett in 2012.
23rd May, 7pm in the Janáček Theatre

Prague Chamber Ballet
Metaphors of Dance
Come see Comme ça / Silent Scream / This Is Not a Kiss!
Metaphors of Dance, which premiere took place on 18th October, 2015 at The Estates Theatre, presents three pieces made by contemporary choreographers – Alexandra Dziurosz, Hana Litterová, Žiga Jereb and Anna Štěrbová. These artists are connected not only by their Slavic origin, but also by their effort to create a comprehensible work with the main role of dance. Dance, which may have a diverse vocabulary of movement, however, is the carrier of the ideas of the pieces and is created in accordance with the musical accompaniment.
The theme of the premiere is the human behaviour with its bright and dark sides. What influences our behaviour? Conventions, social norms, emotions, passions, senses … What can cause violent suppression of personality or vice versa completely uncontrolled behaviour?
24th June, 7pm in the Mahen Theatre

Concert of I. V. Psota Ballet School
Dance Brno for children 2016
For many years belongs to the festival the Concert of pupils from I. V. Psota Ballet School. The stage in the Mahen theatre livens by tens of pupils - from the youngest till the adult lovers of dance and ballet and their guests. 
12th June, 6 pm in the Mahen Theatre

Dance Brno 2016 / Let yourself be inspired by Ballet NdB
Photo by Pavel Hejný / Zoja Gerišová / Martina Petrová / Sándor Orosz

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