Additional audition for a ballet soloist (male)

  • Konkurz do Baletu NdB 2016 Ludek Mrkos

The Ballet of the National Theatre Brno

Artistic Director, Mário Radačovský, is looking for a ballet soloist (male) for the 2016/2017 season. Dancers are required to have strong classical and contemporary technique, as well as professional experience.

Please send your application, including CV, photos (full body and portrait) to: ndbaudition@gmail_com

Closing date for applications: 15th June 2016

The audition is by invitation only!


Audition Date:        17th February 2016 at 9am / Registration is from 8:30am

Address:                  National Theatre Brno (Head Office), 3rd Floor, Dvořákova 11, Brno, Czech Republic




La Bayadère (J. Slavický); The Nutcracker (F.Nault); Serenade (G. Balanchine); Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (W. Borkowski); Swan Lake (R. Strajner)


Black and White (M. Radačovský); Catch 27 (M. Svobodník); Edith, the Little Sparrow from the Suburbs (L. Vaculík); Palindrome (A. Sojka, M. Svobodník); Sofa (O. Wevers); Lunar Sea – Noir Blanc (Momix - M. Pendleton); Petite Mort (J. Kylián); Beethoven and Together (M. Radačovský); Masculine / Feminine (L. Timulák)

Artistic Director of Ballet NdB
Mário Radačovský