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Acoustic rock´n´roll duo IAN live in the performance of Ballet NdB Game Over ! Music group from Brno like a part of choreography Catch27 .

Acoustic rock´n´roll duo IAN live in the performance of Ballet NdB Game Over!

Game Over is coming! In April 2016 Ballet NdB will play three performances of Game Over, progressive author modern performance by dancers and choreographers from Brno, Martin and Marek Svobodník and Adam Sojka. One part of the evening is the choreography called Catch27, wild, crashing, gorgeous rock'and'roll ride. And Ballet NdB preper a surprise: part of this ride will be a music group from Brno, IAN!

IAN is two - man acoustic project, which moves between folk, latin music and rock´n´roll. Singing, guitar, cello, strong and melodic songs - IAN like it simple!

Live IAN involves the atmosphere of Catch27. They will play their own songs and a variation of legendary pop song. Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain or Amy Winehouse, members of the Club 27. Catch 27 originated like a tribute to the famous musicians, who will be never fegotten. Come to pay them the tribute together with Ballet NdB and IAN.

Ballet NdB - Game Over:
5. 4. at 7pm; 6. 4. at 11 am and 15. 4. at 7pm, Mahen Theatre
Tickets on sale!

photo by Luděk Mrkos / Petr Slavík
photo IAN by Peter Pecho / Martin Zeman
text with the assistance of Nikola Illeová

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