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Různé břehy - Choreographer Jiří Kylián between Haag and Prague /  Czech dancing dictionary - dance, ballet, mime

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Kylian portret

Různé břehy / Choreographer Jiří Kylián between Haag and Prague
Isabelle Lanzová, Dorota Gremlicová, Elvíra Němečková, Roman Vašek
Published by Arts and Theatre Institute in Prague (2011)
More than hundred black and white and color photos

Every nation has its own heroes. It is proud of them, trust them and respect them. In the ballet world Jiří Kylián is a phenomenal personality. He achieved world recognition and many of his choreographies have become a culture heritage in dancing field during his life. 
This book is the first monograph of this amazing artist in Czech language.

Kylian kniha

Czech dancing dictionary - dance, ballet, mime

The first separate dictionary about dancing in the Czech Republic. It was compiled by copyright collective of the Department for Czech Theatre Studies. It contains 1400 entries, which provide basic selection of information and data about the ballet companies, dancing groups, authors, schools, festivals, institutions and personalities of Czech dance, ballet and mime from 18th century to the beginning of 2001. Beside the professional dance community dictionary includes also selected entries from amateur, folk and alternative area.


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