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The new choreographic generation in the Reduta Theatre.

Rhapsody in Blue, Obliviously Aware, Lidice
Choreography: Markéta Habalová, Dan Datcu, Jan Fousek
Music: George Gershwin, Philip Glass, Michal Hrůza etc.

This evening of three choreographers, whose works are coming into the repertoire of the Ballet NdB for the first time, is intended primarily to the younger audience. We would like to replace the cancelled premiere of last season Dance and Media. The creators of the choreographies are the dancers of our company, who already have their choreographic debuts behind them. Except the choreography Lidice by Jan Fousek you can see two totally new creations made by Markéta Habalová (Rhapsody in Blue) and Dan Datcu (Obliviously Aware) especially for this evening. 

Markéta Habalová - choreographer and demisoloist of Ballet NdB
Since 1997 she has focused on choreography. On the 2nd Intenational Ballet Competition in Brno in 2006 she won a prize for contemporary choreography. Through the project "Choreographic Workshop"  there were played her miniatures Vesoul, Its Man´s World (2008), Concierto de Aranjuez, My Pajďom s koňom (2009) and Between the Worlds (2014). She cooperates with the Dance Conservatory Brno like a choreographer. 

Dan Datcu - choreographer and member of Ballet NdB
Since 2007 he has focused on choreography when he did the performance Given, but One Wing for the festival in Choreolab in St.Pölten. Two years later he did Everlasting Pictures for the same festival in Austrian Baden. He won the first prize and the Critic´s award for the miniature A ton etoile (2013) at the choreographical competition in Beograd. He did full-lenght ballet Tristan and Isolda for Slovene National Ballet in Ljubljana (2013).

Jan Fousek - choreographer and soloist of Ballet NdB
He has focused on choreography only short time, even so few of small works show his expressive verve. He cooperates with the Dance Conservatory Brno, he did for them some choreographies - Adagio (2013), Alice in Wonderland (2014) and Back to You (2014). Choreography Lidice (2014) is his first work for Ballet NdB. 

Premiere 10th June 2016, Reduta Theatre


length of performance: 1 hour 50 minutes
two breaks - each 20 minutes
suitable from 12 years

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