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26th January 2019 at the Janáček Theater


Choreography: Štefan Nosáľ

Performed by: Lúčnica Dance Ensemble, Choir and Orchestra   

The main mission of the Lúčnica Ensemble is to preserve and development Slovak national traditions. The performance, which Lúčnica will present at the Janáček Theatre on January 26, 2019, is based on the rich artistic traditions of the Slovak people, from the peasant, pastoral and craft environments, offering a selection of the most successful dance choreographies of Štefan Nosáľ, the long-time artistic director of Lúčnica whose 91st birthday will be posthumously celebrated.

Lúčnica Ensemble programme for 2018

Works by Štefan Nosáľa



Music: Svetozár Stračina

A dynamic spinning pair dance from the Podpoľania area in central Slovakia.

Lead dancer: Peter Parničan

PRI ĽANE                                                                        

Music: Svetozár Stračina

A game for girls while beating flax.


Music: Svetozár Stračina

Tricks young people play when threshing wheat.


Music: Igor Bázlik

A girls’ dance fantasy from Gemer depicting poppy cultivation and processing.

DVE PIESNE SPOD POĽANIA                 

Music: Peter Parničanse

Fujara – an original Slovak musical instrument initially used by shepherds as a whistle. The instrument is on the UNESCO List of Cultural Heritage.

ZBOJNÍCKY TANEC                                               

Music: Zdenko Mikula

Štefan Nosáľa’s first dance choreography from 1951.

PRÁČKY Z PARCHOVIAN                                   

Music: Marián Veselský

Traditional songs and dances from eastern Slovakia.

FĽAŠKOVÝ – POLKA                                  

Music: Svetozár Stračina

Dances with bottles and a fast traditional polka from Zemplín in east Slovakia.

PO MYJAVSKY                                                           

Music: Róbert Puškár

A virtuoso melody for the cimbalom on the theme of songs from Myjava area in western Slovakia.


Music: Svetozár Stračina

A celebratory pair dance from central Slovakia, from the Horehronie region, from the towns of Heľpa and Polomka.

SVADBA SPOD POLAND               

Music: Jaroslav Krček/Martin Čorej

Wedding ceremonies from Polana.


Programme approx.  90 minutes