Made in USA only twice in this season!

  • Made in USA Ctibor Bachraty 001
  • Made in USA Ctibor Bachraty 002
  • Made in USA Ctibor Bachraty 003

Two performances in October are an especial occasion.

We play only twice in this season! 22nd and 25th October 2016 in the Janáček Theatre
The other nearest performances will be in the season 2017/2018

Made in USA

Only two exclusive performances in the  season 2016/2017 - Do not miss the ultimate neoclassical ballet and physically visual theatre. Representative evening of the US dance culture in the Janáček Theatre. This performance is dedicated to choreographers whose creative home are the United States. Three outstanding works, three choreographic personalities. Historically the first choreography by George Balanchine in NdB, his legendary Serenade enchants by crystal clear neoclassical ballet style. In the playful and also serious choreography Sofa by Olivier Wevers, as the name suggests, one of the main performers is a piece of furniture on which literally rests a burden of interpersonal relationships. In the last part of the evening, Lunar Sea - Noir Blanc, by magician and motional illusionist Moses Pendelton, dancers bodies revive by a motion acrobatics denying the laws of gravity. Do not miss the American evening of dance contrasts, from the classic aesthetics of ballet skirts to phosphorescent lively sculptures creating stunning visual effects.