International Dance Day 2016 with Ballet NdB

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  • Balet Gala 2016 Bajadera Ludek Svitil

Celebrations of International Dance Day 2016 with Ballet NdB

International Dance Day with Czech Television / Ballet Gala 2016 - La Bayadére

29th April 2016
3 pm – Open Class, piazetta front of the Janáček Theatre
3:30 pm – start of the live broadcast with webcast by Czech Television
4:30 pm – dancing programme of Ballet NdB and Dancing Conservatory Brno
7 pm – Ballet Gala 2016 / La Bayadére, Janáček Theatre

Dance Brno!

In 1982 International Theatre Institut proclaimed 29th April like an International Dance Day for the first time. Since it celebrates every year all around the world like a mention of birth the big one dancing corrector Jean-George Noverre (1727), who was called by his fellows Shakespeare of a dance. The aim of the celebration is to emphasize the universal nature of the dance, which in its many variations overcomes ethnic, cultural, political and religious barriers between people. Dance has the property that is the common language of the people and is able to unite them in friendship and peace.

Ballet NdB, of course, can not miss these celebrations and connects to other Czech cities, which prepare a programme for the public. Dancing will be everywhere, in public spaces, parks, squares, streets, railway stations, theaters, clubs... Our program in relation to last year, when historically the first telebridge took place between the National Theatre in Prague and in Brno, we realize in cooperation with Czech Television again. If you like with its webcast and National Theatre in Prague. First highlight of this day will be a spectacular encounter of amateur dancers and professionals, which will be a great happening in the open air, this time on piazetta front of the Janáček Theatre. We cordially invite you to the Open class - ballet training is open to all who love dance. Regardless of age, status or ability level, amateurs and professionals.
Brno part of ballet training involved into the live webcast will lead and moderate the artistic director of the Ballet NdB Mario Radačovský together with other Brno dance personalities.
After the end of the teleconference the dancers of Ballet NdB will perform excerpts from the repertoire in the short programme. There will participate also dancing youth, particularly students of Dancing Conservatory Brno and the I. V. Psota Ballet School.

Ballet Gala 2016 – La Bayadére
Within the festival Russian Culture in the Czech Republic 2016

Ballet Gala with the Russian ballet stars. Like a Solor Michail Lobuchin  will be dancing, a first soloist of The Bolshoi Theatre Moscow. Like a Gamzatti Alexandra Timofjejeva  will be dancing, a first soloist of The Kremlin Ballet Theatre Moscow.
The finale of celebrations of International Dance Day will be the evening programme in the Janáček Theatre - gala performance of the classical ballet by Ludwig Minkus Ballet Gala / La Bayadere. Alexandra Timofjejeva from The Kremlin Ballet Theatre Moscow (Gamzatti) and Michail Lobuchin from The Bolshoi Theatre Moscow (Solor) appear in the evening of the festival Russian Culture in the Czech Republic. In the past feasted this festival many ballet stars from most famous Russian ballet companies - The Bolshoi Theatre Moscow, Mariinski Theatre St. Petersburg, Mikhailovsky Theatre St. Petersburg and the other famous Russian theatres.

photo by Arthur Abam / Luděk Svítil
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