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2. 10. 2018


For more info click here. :)


22. 08. 2018


Balet NdB: After a huge success of Black and White at the Briggita Festival in St. Bridget´s Convent in Tallin (Estonia) on August 16, 2018, we decided to perform this show on September 21, 2018. This performance will substitute Edith, the Little Sparrow, which cannot be performed due to technical reasons. Spectators may keep their tickets and see the Black and White performance, or they can exchange them for a different date of Edith, the Little Sparrow (September 27. or 28.). Thank you for understanding.


25. 06. 2018

Summer Ballet Cocktail 2018

After a year, we are back to dancing under the open sky! Ballet NdB Open Air 2018 at Spilberk Castle. 31st August - 3rd September 2018


25. 04. 2018

Additional audition for the position of male dancers - demisolists and corps de ballet

Artistic Director of Balet NdB, Mário Radačovský, is looking for male dancers (demisolo  and corps de ballet) for the 2018/2019 season. 


8. 04. 2018

Please donate and bring back Romeo and Juliet to Brno!

Thank you! Your Ballet NdB.


13. 03. 2018

Premiere of our 4 Elements: first reviews!

"Résumé: what an evening! High level, high caliber, strong emotions, world-known choreographers... Mário Radačovský's direction is making all this possible. He is turning this company into an extremely good one. Congratulations!" (Ricardo Leitner)


25. 01. 2018

Vote for us and support us! We are in short list for the FEDORA PRIZE!

With the preparation of our premiere Romeo and Juliet, we made it to the short list for the FEDORA PRIZE! We are competing against some major World Theaters!


15. 01. 2018

WEST SIDE STORY - only 6 reprises left!

End of January 2018!


27. 12. 2017

Choreographic Workshop 2017/18

18th and 19th January in Reduta Theater

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