Pavel Šmok (22nd October 1927 - 4th April 2016)

  • Pavel Šmok

We regret to announce that  Pavel Šmok, master of dance art, died.

Ballet of National Theatre Brno announce with great regret that on 4th April 2016 the legendary person of czech dance art, Pavel Šmok, died in 88 age in Prague.
Master Pavel Šmok was a phenomenal choreographer, educator, director, founder and long-standing artistic director of the Prague Chamber Ballet.

Pavel Šmok left his artistic mark also in Ballet NdB. In 60´ he did on our stage Rhapsody in Blue (1962), Seven Capital Sins of Gigmen (1962), Capriccio for cello (1964) or Glagolitic Mass (1969). As a tribute to his artistic genius our company played in 1997 one of his most beautiful choreography on the music of string quartet by Bedřich Smetana From My Life, in one evening together with the ballet Trojan Women.

photo by archive of PChB