Petite Mort of Ballet NdB and Falling Angels of Ballet NdM

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To celebrate the 70th birthday of the phenomenal choreographer Jiří Kylián

A special guest of Ballet NdB:
The National Moravian - Silesian Theatre / choreography Falling Angels / Jiří Kylián
22nd February 7pm in the Janáček Theatre


Falling Angels:
A leading emotion is an exciting and straight flight of eight female dancers in this choreography by the Czech choreographer Jiří Kylián. Kylián´s choreography is fascinated by Reich´s minimalism, which led phasing method to the limit of human technical capabilities. Steve Reich's music sets a ground from which choreography can grow up quite independently and accent the dance as such.
"Falling Angels is a choreography for eight women, which was conceived as a tribute to the female dancers. Eight women will not leave the stage from the beginning to the end of the song. 
Falling Angels tells the story of female dancers andart of interpretation, elegance, anxiety, vulnerability, inferiority complex and sense of humor. It is a symbol of conflict between belonging and independence, the dilemma that accompanies each of us from cradle to grave. "
Jiří Kylián, 2008

Programme of the evening:
Beethoven, Together, Masculine / Feminine, Petite Mort, Falling Angels

Petite Mort February/March 2017
22. 2. 7 pm / 23. 2. 7 pm / 2. 3. 5 pm / 10. 3. 7 pm / 21. 3. 7 pm / 25. 3. 7 pm in the Janáček Theatre

photo by Martin Popelář
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