Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs after 30 years with the orchestra again

The Orchestra of the Janáček Opera accompanies the fairytale of Ballet NdB again

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfsof Ballet NdB is the longest continually played performance of National Theatre Brno.
It entertains children for four decades. Its Czechoslovakian premiere was on 30th May 1973.

The ballet fairytale was played without the live accompaniment from the beginning of 80s of the 20th century.
Now it will be played with The Orchestra of the Janáček Opera! 

Ballet NdB dances this fairytale more than 40 years - it means more than 330 performances.

Dramaturgist and an emeritus soloist of Ballet NdB, Karel Littera, visited Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs like a child. It was his first meeting with ballet. Since 1991 he had danced the Prince in this performance.

Snehurka Karel Littera 2


The Orchestra of the Janáček Opera accompanied Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in the beginning of 80s. In 2016, after more than 30 years, NdB played the wonderful ballet fairytale with the orchestra again.Pavel Šnajdr, the conductor of The Orchestra of the Janáček Opera, visited also Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs like a child. Now he conducts store, which is not strange for him.

Pavel Snajdr

book: Witold Borkowski, Stanislav Piotrowski 
author: Bogdan Pawlowski 
choreography and direction: Witold Borkowski 
set design: Vojtěch Štolfa 
costume design: Alois Vobejda
conductor: Pavel Šnajdr
dancing: soloists and company of Ballet NdB
playing: The Orchestra of the Janáček Opera

photo of the orchestra: Marek Olbrzymek

No Prejudice – Enjoy Ballet!