Petit morte

A work by the world-renowned choreographer, Jiří Kylián, will be in the repertoire of the Ballet for the first time.

Black and White

Sometimes one second is enough...

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty like a classical ballet gem.

25. 01. 2017

Petite Mort of Ballet NdB and Falling Angels of Ballet NdM

To celebrate the 70th birthday of the phenomenal choreographer Jiří Kylián


20. 12. 2016

A special guest in the Swan Lake of Ballet NdB

Jozef Varga – a first soloist of the Dutch National Ballet Amsterdam


12. 12. 2016

Ballet of the Slovene National Theatre Maribor

Ballet NdB guest will interpret dancing theatre of the 21st century in the performance Peer Gynt


27. 10. 2016

Audition 2017

Audition 18th February 2017 /  Closing date for applications 29th January 2017


19. 10. 2016

Made in USA only twice in this season!

Two performances in October are an especial occasion.


7. 06. 2016

Enrollment to the I. V. Psota Ballet School

Enrollment for school year 2016 / 2017


3. 05. 2016

Dance Brno 2016

420PEOPLE / Györi Balett / Prague Chamber Ballet / Dance Brno for children – exclusive guests of Ballet NdB


12. 04. 2016

Open Air performance of Ballet NdB - 14th April 8pm

Ballet NdB welcomes the fountain in front of the Janáček Theatre in 2016


7. 04. 2016

International Dance Day 2016 with Ballet NdB

Celebrations of International Dance Day 2016 with Ballet NdB

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