! Important notice regarding coronavirus precautions !

In connection with the Ministry of Health of Czech Republic regarding the COVID-19, National Theatre Brno is obliged to cancel every performance and event in every building – Janáček Theatre, Mahen Theatre and Reduta Theatre, effective immediately, 10 th of March 2020, until further notice .


We kindly ask our audience with purchased tickets to claim their refunds electronically via email. Please, send your emails to storno@ndbrno_cz with following details:

  • Bank account number with bank code / (IBAN, SWIFT/BIC)
  • Scanned copies of the tickets you want to return

We kindly ask you to be patient. As the decision is made until further notice, we will be refunding purchased tickets in turns – refunds will be processed consecutive, the day after the scheduled performance.

Season ticket holders will be notified with alternative dates of performances.

We will be updating our website regarding planned concerts (Zrní, Rudy Linka, Vienna Strauss Philharmonic Orchestra, Hradišťan, Hana and Petr Ulrychovi) as those will be dealt with individually.

National Theatre Brno will not cover any other expenses connected with cancelled performances.

Changes and cancellations in programme will be posted on our website www.ndbrno.cz, on the doors of our Box offices at Dvořáková street and at doors to the theatre buildings. NdB might contact schools and other group refunds via phone or email, if they provided necessary contact information.


Additional information and updates will be posted on our website www.ndbrno.cz. Please check our website regularly.


In connection with the Government's decision, there will be no classes at the I. V. Psota Ballet School from 11th of March until further notice. In case of questions regarding ballet school, please contact us at skola@ndbrno_cz.