Children of Paradise

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  • Milenci nebes - kampaň 2018/2019
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Theatre of Joy, Life and Death.

Jacques Prévert

Jacques Prévert


Director: Marián Amsler

Premiere: 19. 10. 2018, Mahen Theatre

Paris, 1828. On “Boulevard du Crime”, young mime artist Jean‑Baptiste Deburau meets the love of his life Garance, a beautiful, courageous and liberal-minded courtesan who seems to belong to a different era. Deburau does not dare profess his love to her. Neither does he realize that he is truly loved by young Nathalie, the theatre director’s daughter. Garance dates promising young actor Frédérick Lemaitre, but in reality she loves Deburau. When Garance is accused in the case of infamous criminal Lacenaire, she resorts to the protection of Earlde Montray.

An ever-fascinating story, not only about uncompromising love and great intrigue, but also about the varied forms of theatre and the people who have become addicted to it. The main protagonists are inspired by real characters from the history of theatre and crime. The theatre adaptation is based on Prevert’s scriptof the famous film Children of Paradise directed by Marcel Carné.

When we play

Friday 22. 11. 2019 19.0021.45
Jacques Prévert
Mahen Theatre