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The myth that – as the unified Europe - we relive even now.

The war of Troy is over. So what now? Return home. Odysseus (Ulysses), the king of Ithaca, embarks on the journey full of woe to his native land. He spent too long away from his family already. Are his wife Penelope and his son Telemachos still waiting for him? Unexpectedly, his sea travel draws out to full
ten years. The adventures of Odysseus and his crew, all the manoeuvring between the two monsters of Scylla and Charybdis, their visit to Circe the Enchantress, or the resistance to the beautiful Sirens lu- ring them to the shipwreck on the dangerous cli s, all of this irreversibly impressed itself on European culture. Homer‘s epic poem written in 8th - 7th Century BCE provokes our imagination to this very day. Now the epic is to become an out-of-the-ordinary basis for a European, or more speci cally Czech and German, theatrical encounter production. The young German director Julia Wissert has been repeatedly winning awards for her theatre work in the German language space (Preis der Stadt Salzburg, Körber Studio Junge Regie, Karl Hübner Preis), but in the Czech environment her work will be seen for the

very rst time! With the international project entitled Odyssey, the Drama Department of the National Theatre Brno will be reacting to the current crisis of the European identity and try to go on its stage back to the European roots, to the moment when a blind poet for the rst time recorded the myth of the di cult journey of return to a common home; the myth that – as the uni ed Europe - we relive even now. 

When we play

Monday 12. 03. 2018 19.0020.20
Lektorský úvod půl hodiny před představením.
Mahen Theatre