Shady Landscape with Angels – Offending Brno

v rámci cyklu Spílání Brnu

Authors of the script, Martin Františák and Petr Maška, let themselves be inspired by the collection of Rotrekl's short stories of the same title, published by Atlantis, his novel Světlo přichází potmě, and poetry which is  „an invisible part of the landscape“. In the play, Rotrekl meets Czech poets Jan Zahradníček and Ivan Blatný as well as other significant people. The authors, fascinated by creation that arises from „risking your own life daily“ and the life story of Zdeněk Rotrekl, are mapping the poet's fortunes in mad times. We are walking through Brno, a city where Czechs, Germans and Jews used to live side by side, a city which began to crumble and fall apart fast the moment Hitler came to power.

A poet, a publicist and a prose writer Zdeněk Rotrekl was not only a consumer of history but also its co-creator. He was sent to be shot down several times, to be hanged once, his life sentence was changed to tough 25 years of imprisonment and he „only“ served 13 of them. Despite everything, he never felt regret because he „got to know the value of sacrifice and the price for redemption“. He always said he was in fact a very happy man since „where else would I meet so many generals and colonels, so many bishops and all abbots, so many ministers, members of parliament and poets than in Leopoldov prison?“

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