The Lady from the Sea

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The lady from the sea Ellida Wangel is a kindred spirit of Hedda Gabler, Nora Helmer and the wild duck Hedvig Ekdal. An uncommonly charming woman, surrounded by irritant mystique of fjords as well as a strong mystery which sets off disasters. It is her around whom the Scandinavian classic churns an eternally fascinating, mysterious, Nordic detective story which forcefully foreshadows a drama about faith, hope and sense. In five acts, on the boundary line between seemingly ordinary reality and fragile imaginative dream, a theatre treasure can be found which is coming back on stage of the National Theatre Brno after more than seventy years. Directed by the artistic director of the drama ensemble Martin Františák who has repeatedly proved that he understands Henrik Ibsen's drama work perfectly. The Lady from the Sea is promising an experience which cannot be missed!

When we play

Saturday 16. 09. 2017 19.0021.20
Henrik Ibsen
Lektorský úvod půl hodiny před představením
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