The Opening of the Wells of Alfréd Radok

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The wells need to be clear.

The wells, too, want to be clean.

An exile in Sweden. An ageing married couple, Alfréd and Marie. He, a Czech director, famous for his „invention“ of Laterna magika, who was harshly hit by both of the totalitarian regimes of the previous century. And she, his wife, assistant and Muse. Between them, a question: to fly, or not to fly? Will Alfréd Radok fly to Vienna to direct in a theatre, even though he would have to fly across grievously loved Czechoslovakia? In a poetic dialogue of the Radoks, the clogged well of  the relation to homeland is opening and the springs of memories are flowing to form a stirring flow which will finally reach a fatal decision… A dramatic, musical and dancing event. An original play by Martin Sládeček based on the life story of Alfréd Radok and Bohuslav Martinů's cantata Opening of the Wells, directed by a leading Czech theatre artist J. A. Pitínský. Pitínský called in a young Czech, internationally respected choreographer Jiří Bartovanec and a famous children's choir from Brno, affiliated to Brno Philharmonic, Kantiléna.

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