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Prostná jednoho výjimečného osudu.

Climbing up to the top of the Mount Olympus, and then falling steeply down. New victories and new defeats. A fascinating, almost Ancient Greek narrative about a woman who would not give up. An original play by the most produced of female playwrights took its inspiration from the fate of the 1960s athlete Věra Čáslavská. One slight movement of her head meant that her life turned upside down. The best female athlete in the world and after Jacqueline Kennedy - the second most popular woman on the planet at the time, she was meant to be labelled trash in her society. It was 1968 and the athlete Věra Čáslavská was celebrating her sporting triumph at the Mexico Olympics. She decided to „donate“ her hardwon medals to the men of the Prague Spring reform movement, and opposed Soviet tanks that, at that very time, occupied Czechoslovakia. When the results were announced she was standing on the winner‘s rostrum, and as the Soviet Anthem played, she moved her head imperceptibly. Her quiet protest meant that she virtually fell in oblivion in her own country for the ensuing years... A bearer of a samurai sword, she showed her courage and bravery in defiance of the fate. She fronted both a family tragedy and a personal crisis. She kept her unrelenting beliefs and lived in truth, staying true to her principles, her civic stances and her name. Věra. It‘s more than the biography of remarkable woman and athlete, it‘s rather a treatment of the meaning of human existence at the crossroad times of one‘s own life and during the breaking point moments of one’s country’s history. Meaning of the words such as courage, glory, responsibility, heroism, truth, and also human happiness... The play was written specially for the National Theatre Brno at the occasion of the Year of the Czech Statehood. 

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