Veronica's room

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A chilling horror – or madness of soul which gives you no less shivers?

Two students, Susan and Larry, end up in a sumptuous residence of the Brabissant family. They‘d
been brought there by the Mackey, married couple working there as the caretakers - they‘ve met them shortly beforehand in a restaurant. Both Mackeys a rm that Susan is strikingly resembling Veronica, the late daughter of their employers who died many years before. Larry, mistrusting, thinks Mackeys have some ill intentions but Susan is more kind and would like to really help the old couple. She rejects Larry‘s resistance and accepts a weird proposition - to take on, for one a ernoon, the role of Veronica, the long deceased daughter of the house owners. This is because Veronica‘s sister Cecilia is dying of cancer and regressing mentally into her childhood while she believes Veronica is still alive. But when the door behind which Susan prepared for her „role“ nally opens, everybody behaves towards the girl as if she really were Veronica. It seems the bars on the windows of her room weren‘t put there just for decoration. Moreover, they all maintain these are 1950s and not the year 1973... A story where until the very last moment it is not clear what we are really watching. A time travel fantasy? A devilishly constructed practical joke? A dark psychological thriller? And does Susan actually exist, or was she there uniquely in the imagination of the sick Veronica?


„The direction re ects and respects the text, professionally constructed, precisely measured out
and escalating properly. The play ows fast and in its agreeable length of about ninety minutes it doesn‘t lose either the pace or tension. The production of the Czech premiere of Veronica‘s Room at the Reduta Theatre in Brno o ers a treatment that will attract interest, and not only from the fans of thriller genre.“

Jaroslav Štěpaník, Brněnský deník 

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