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Divadlo J. K. Tyla, Plzeň

3rd February 2019 at the Mahen Theatre

For the first time in two years, the Ballet Ensemble of J. K. Tyl Theatre in Plzeň will perform the ballet Manon set to the music of Alexander Glazunov in Brno.  The work of a world classic premiered last season in the neo-classical choreography of Filip Veverka.

Manon is a child. Manon is a fair-haired girl.
Manon is my first and last love.
Manon, oh Manon, Manon of Arras!
Manon is my death for beauty ...

Such is Vítězslav Nezval’s Manon in his unrivalled verses first spoken on stage in the gloomy Protectorate period in 1940. But the true beginning of the work dates back more than two centuries to 1731 and Antoine-François Prévost,  an author and priest whose simplifed name became immortal: Abbé Prévost.

Manon is a butterfly. Manon is a honey bee.
Manon is a rose thrown into the church.
Manon is all that will never lose its essence.
Manon is the reason that abandoned me!


Choreography and direction: Filip Veverka

Libretto Filip Veverka

Musical arrangement: Torbjörn Helander

Musical production and conductor: Jiří Petrdlík

2nd conductor: Chuhei Iwasaki

Stage design: Radek Honc, Martin Višňovský

Lighting design: Tomas Moravek, Jakub Sloup

Costumes: Roman Šolc

Assistant to the choreographer: Miho Ogimoto, Zuzana Hradilová

Assistant to the director: Miroslav Hradil

Technical supervisor: Petr Šmaus


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