7. 04. 2016

Brothers Bubeníček in Brno again!

Jiří and Otto Bubeníček, stellar dancing twins, are performers with a global reputation.


4. 04. 2016

Pavel Šmok (22nd October 1927 - 4th April 2016)

We regret to announce that  Pavel Šmok, master of dance art, died.


31. 03. 2016

Choreographic Workshop

Unique project by company members of Ballet NdB -  10 stories / 10 inspirations / 10 ideas / 10 images / 10 choreographies


22. 03. 2016

La Bayadere Ballet Gala 2016

Ballet Gala with the Russian ballet stars. Like a Solor Michail Lobuchin  will be dancing, a first soloist of The Bolshoi Theatre Moscow. Like a Gamzatti Alexandra Timofjejeva  will be dancing, a first soloist of The Kremlin Ballet Theatre Moscow.


22. 03. 2016

IAN live in Game Over

Acoustic rock´n´roll duo IAN live in the performance of Ballet NdB Game Over ! Music group from Brno like a part of choreography Catch27 .


7. 03. 2016

3 x Palindrom - three different ways

In performances of Game Over in April 2016 you will see nontraditional alternative choreography of Palindrom. And there will be also the competition!


3. 02. 2016

Two nominations for Thalia Award 2015 for Ballet NdB

Martin Svobodník in a short list and Emilia Vuorio in a long list


1. 02. 2016

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs after 30 years with the orchestra again

The Orchestra of the Janáček Opera accompanies the fairytale of Ballet NdB again


26. 01. 2016

Books about dancing on sale during the performances of Ballet NdB

Různé břehy - Choreographer Jiří Kylián between Haag and Prague /  Czech dancing dictionary - dance, ballet, mime

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