12 May 2017 – Take a look at what's cooking in the opera kitchen

Once again this year the National Theatre Brno is joining in an initiative with dozens of other European opera houses which offers audiences one-off events and presents opera from an unusual perspective.  As part of this year's European Opera Days we will give you a glimpse of our day to day work, rather than just the finished article which you see on stage. As a rule the European Opera Days events are free.

On 12 May 2017 there are two sessions - one theatre will be revealing the secrets of rehearsing a new show, whilst another will show you what it's like to "dust off" an already existing production.

And we begin first thing in the morning! The first session starts at 9.30am at the Mahen Theatre (entrance through the main doors),  where you can expect to be met by the infatuated Count Ory, the titular character from Rossini's opera Le Comte Ory, which will soon be receiving its Czech premiere. You will discover why Rossini, an Italian, wrote this opera to a French libretto, what an orchestral rehearsal entails and everything that is necessary before we can get to the rehearsal stage. And of course you are also invited to the rehearsal itself. The first session will finish at around 11am.

As part of the early evening session, at 5.30pm we will be setting out along the Volga River - almost literally. Once again the Janáček Theatre is the venue for the set of Carsen's famous production of Katya Kabanová, part of which is a pool holding some 15,000 litres of water. We will reveal to you how this technologically interesting and complex stage design operates from the other side, and we will invite you to watch part of the "dusting off" rehearsals of this successful production. The second session ends at around 7pm. The meeting point is the main entrance of the Janáček Theatre.

Your guides for both sessions will be the Opera's artistic director, Jiří Heřman, and the dramaturge, Patricie Částková.

The number of participants is limited, so please reserve your place at gerbery@ndbrno_cz. Please state the number of participants and the time of the programme you want to see (9.30am or 5.30pm). We look forward to seeing you!