2016 Diva Awards at the Janáček Theatre

The most successful productions shown on the stages of the National Theatre Brno in 2016 were the play  Petrol Lamps,  the ballet  Petite mort  and the opera  Káťa Kabanová . The overall award winner was the singer  Pavla Vykopalová . All of these were chosen by audience members and members of specialist juries who took part in the  2016 Diva Awards , which were presented this evening a the Janáček Theatre.

The artists involved in the best productions also scored highly with audiences and experts. The award for best female drama performance, chosen by audience and jury members, went to Hana Tomáš Briešťanská for her role as Štěpka Kiliánová in Petrol Lamps. The best male drama performance went to Martin Siničák for his role as Pavel Malina in the same production.

The soprano Pavla Vykopalová won the award from audience and jury members in the category of best female opera performance for her role as Káťa Kabanová in the eponymous opera by Leoš Janáček.  Magnus Vigilius gained the jury members' support in the category of best male opera performance, whilst audiences preferred local bass singer Jan Šťáva.

In the category of best female ballet performance, the soloist Ivona Jeličová attracted most votes from both audiences and jury members. In the category of best male ballet performance, audiences chose the soloist Michal Pimek, while jury members voted for the Canadian demi-soloist Arthur Abram.

This year the National Theatre Brno also decided to highlight people's lifelong contributions to ballet, opera and drama. Into the hall of fame entered the ballet soloist Josef Kubálek, the opera soloist Zdenka Kareninová and the teacher, translator and writer Antonín Přidal in memoriam.

For the first time, the staff of the National Theatre Brno had the opportunity to choose from among them a Star of the Backstage. They selected the stage manager at the Mahen Theatre Boris Ráboň.

The presentation of the 2016 Diva Awards, totalling 24 categories, was accompanied by excerpts from Bohuslav Martinů's opera The Miracles of Mary, directed by Jiří Heřman and conducted by Jakub Klecker, with the soloists, orchestra and chorus of the NdB, the Masaryk University Choir and the Brno Children's Choir. The award winners received original wooden Easter eggs the size of an ostrich egg with traditional two-tone Moravian decoration, designed by the restorer and woodcarver Martin Hrdlička.