Brno debut: Luciano Mastro as Cavaradossi

Following its premiere two years ago, the new production of Tosca, directed by the NTB's Opera Artstic Director, Jiří Heřman, enjoyed recognition from the critics and ovations from audiences. At the time, the critic Olga Janáčková wrote in a review that the "Brno ensemble is starting to flourish.

Now you have the opportunity to experience Puccini's Tosca in two performances in March with the Italian tenor, Luciano Mastro, winner of the Maria Callas 2000 Award. His beautiful voice and stylish recitation have already won over thousands of opera goers in the Czech Republic. His recent performances include F. B. Pinkerton in Madama Butterfly and most recently Enzo Grimaldo in a production of La Gioconda here at the Janáček Theatre. The soprano, Iveta Jiříková, is also singing in the title role alongside Luciano Mastro as Mario Cavaradossi and Gustáv Beláček as Scarpio in the Friday and Saturday performances. You can choose between either Friday 17 March from 7pm or Saturday 18 March 2017 from 5pm.