Brno receives an award for the Janáček festival

Czech opera professionals have awarded the Janáček Brno festival for its philosophy and the organization behind it. The Association of Musical Theatre Committee Prize for outstanding achievement in musical theatre will be accepted by the director of National Theatre Brno, Martin Glaser, and the artistic director of the Janáček Opera NTB, Jiří Heřman. Representatives of the Association of Musical Theatre made this announcement on Monday 6 November 2017 at the end of the Opera 2017 festival. The award will be accepted by the management of the NTB prior to an opera production on home turf in Brno.

'I think that our founder, the city of Brno, also deserves this award. If it wasn't for their generosity in contributing towards the festival budget, then we'd certainly never have made it to the premier league. As in sport, art also has its costs,' said the director of the NTB, Martin Glaser, who went on to say, 'Of course no-one can take Janáček away from us, but through our own inaction we could lose out on tremendous opportunities connected with his name. I believe that the wonderful festival programme for 2018, which we will publish next week, will demonstrate that the festival fully deserves its award.'

The NTB will announce the programme for the 6th Janáček Brno 2018 festival on Monday 13 November 2017 in the presence of the mayor of Brno, Petr Vokřál, and his deputy, Matěj Hollan, at the Reduta Theatre prior to a concert from the Preview series. The Brno Contemporary Orchestra, conducted by Pavel Šnajder, will present pianists Jan Jiraský and Daniel Weisner, and actors Soňa Červená, Štěpán Kaminský and Petr Bláha, with a repertoire by Igor Stravinsky, Leoš Janáček and Bohuslav Martinů.

The main aim of the Janáček Brno festival is to reflect upon and develop the artistic legacy of the world-famous composer, Leoš Janáček. The main dramaturgical concept is principally based on Janáček's operas performed by leading opera ensembles from abroad and the Czech Republic, and to juxtapose the ideas that important musicians have about Janáček's works. In 2016 the festival attracted 9,700 people.