Janáček Brno festival - programme changes

2 October 2020 F. X. Šalda Theatre Liberec – The Cunning Little Vixen, 7 p.m., Mahen Theatre

Due to the quarantine of some members of the opera ensemble of the F. X. Šalda Theatre Liberec, this festival performance is cancelled without substitute. Tickets may be returned by 31 October 2020 at the National Theatre Brno Customer Centre, Dvořákova 11.

4 October 2020 Prague Philharmonic Choir, 7 p.m., Besední dům

Due to a temporary indisposition of members of the Prague Philharmonic Choir, this festival concert will be postponed to another date, which has not yet been decided. The new concert date will be published at www.janacek-brno.cz.

All information about festival programme changes is available at www.janacek-brno.cz, on the Janáček Brno Facebook page, or you can get information by phone at: Jitka Lanšperková +420 702 221 970