Janáček Brno Festival named Festival of the Year at the prestigious International Opera Awards!

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“With this Award National Theatre Brno and its festival now stand amongst the best opera artists and ensembles in the world. Considering this was only the 6th edition of the festival it is an almost unbelievable success…” said Martin Glaser, director of the NdB.

The 6th edition of the International Opera and Music Festival Janáček Brno, which was held from 17th November to 5th December 2018, saw the festival achieve even greater success in the international context. Visitor numbers reached a
record high (there were 13 278 paying visitors from more than thirty countries, which represents an average attendance of more than 95%). The very positive response of both the general public and opera experts to the festival has been
reflected in an important victory at the prestigious International Opera Awards, the results of which were ceremonially announced in London on 29th April 2019.