Janáček Brno festival wins award

The director of the National Theatre Brno, Martin Glaser, and the artistic director of the Janáček Opera, Jiří Heřman, accepted the Award of the Opera Association committee on 13 November 2017 for the concept and organization of the Janáček Brno festival. This took place during the presentation of the programme for next year's 6th festival, which will take place in Brno from 17 November until 5 December. The Association prize was presented by the committee chair and editor-in-chief of Divadelní noviny, Josef Herman.

The Opera Association committee explained their reasons for awarding the prize as follows: 'It was mainly because the organizers understand the work of Leoš Janáček within an international musical context, and that they can use it to open up opportunities for opera productions and enter into international collaboration with important European opera houses. The events at the Janáček Festival significantly influence the opera events in Brno, they cultivate a local opera audience and present opera in the Czech Republic in an international context.'

The decision for conferring the award was made by the committee of the Opera Association, made up of Lubomír Havlák, Helena Havlíková, Josef Herman, Radmila Hrdinová, Olga Janáčková, Rudolf Leška, Regina Szymiková and Lenka Šaldová.

Photo by Marek Olbrzymek