Janáček Theatre transformed into Enchantia

Marko Ivanović

A family expedition as a new year’s gift?  The return of magical Enchantia

7th, 8th and 15th January  Janáček Theatre will be filled with fantastical creatures and monsters, animals and unusual trees and flowers with unbelievable shapes and colours. Fifty years have gone by and the time has come for the new inhabitants of Enchantia to be once more written into the magical Singing Book… Enchantia makes its return to Brno opera, a graceful opera/musical for younger as well as older audiences, by the composer and conductor Marko Ivanović and the Forman brothers. The production is designed as a family experience, where the adventurous (or curious) can enter into the fabled realm of a mysterious underground world beneath the Janáček Theatre...

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