Autumn symphonic concert - Janáček Opera

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21/10/ 2018, Mahen Theatre

Brno’s opera orchestra has long been associated with the performance of symphonic concerts. Last June, Brno National Theatre’s Janáček Opera Orchestra took part in the recording of a CD featuring two symphonies by the important and highly versatile German composer Enjott Schneider. He is the author of several operas, and many symphonies and chamber works. His compositions can be heard in concert halls all over the world. He also composes music for theatre works and films, including the soundtracks to legendary films such as Stalingrad and Armageddon. It wasn’t the first time our orchestra had met his work, having performed Schneider´s symphonic poem Fortress at the 63th annual European Weeks Festival in Passau in 2015.

Now, Brno’s music lovers will also have the opportunity to get to know Schneider’s work as a concert will take place at the Mahen Theatre on 21st October 2018 featuring one of his recorded compositions,Symphony No. 6The Rhine for soprano, choir and orchestra, inspired by the River Rhine and the tales which are connected with it. The solo part will be sung by Julie Sophie Wagner, a German sopranowho is mainly involved in concert composition and is a renowned interpreter of cantata and oratory works. She regularly cooperates with orchestras such as Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra, RTVE Madrid, RIA Torino and Washington National Symphony Orchestra.

In the second half of the concert, the spectators will hear a great piece by Gustav Mahler, Symphony No.2 Resurrection for soprano, alto, choir and orchestra. The piece, which Mahler worked on for six years, was (he said) inspired by the funeral of conductorHans von Bülow, where the singers in the choir loft appeared to him to be like angels touching the sky with their singing. The solo parts will be sung by our soloists Daniela Straková-Šedrlová and Jana Hrochová. The concert will be performed under the baton of the German conductor and organist Hansjörg Albrecht.

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