Masterpieces of Italian opera in Janáček Theatre

Verdi: Don Carlos - 12., 19. 1., 15. 2., 15. 3. 2020 Ponchielli: La Gioconda - 24. 3. , 1. 4. 2020

The ensemble of Janáček opera has prepared real treat for lovers of classical Italian opera in the first months of the year 2020. Political intrigue, religion, forbidden love, masterful music capturing of deepest emotional state – that would be a way of briefly summarising one of the supreme works of the Italian master Giuseppe Verdi - Don Carlos. Ponchielli was described as the only composer able to follow Verdi in the genre of grand opera. And the La Gioconda is truly a grand opera in the best sense of the word. This tragic affair of passionate and unrequited love, hatred, betrayal and revenge is ideal for the grand treatment. With Luciano Maestro, Linda Ballová, Federico Sacchi, Svatopluk Sem in the main roles.