Bluebeard's Castle/Expectation is the production of the year

Bela Bartok's Bluebeard's Castle and Arnold Schoenberg's Expectation, directed by David Radok and conducted by Marko Ivanović, have been voted the best Czech stage productions of 2016. This was the decision of the 89 critics of the Theatre Critics' Awards, which were presented in Prague on 20 March 2017.

"I'm delighted that this challenging story about relationships was understood by audiences and acknowledged by the critics. I'm also delighted for Bartok, Schoenberg, the National Theatre Brno and for all of those involved in the production," said director, David Radok, receiving the award.

"I was very impressed when I saw David Radok's production of Bluebeard's Castle/Expectation when I saw it in Gothenburg two years ago. It was love at first sight and I knew that I'd do anything to have this work performed at our theatre as well," said the principal conductor of the National Theatre Brno Opera, Marko Ivanović, adding that, "I am very grateful to the musicians of our orchestra for the effort and musicality which they put in to Bartok and Schoenberg's difficult scores, also to our Swedish guest soloists for the professional approach to their acting and singing, and to the director for his appetite and willingness to step once more "into the same river". I am incredibly happy as this award shows that the result of all our hard effort was worth it."

"I am delighted with this award for production of the year, as I am with our nomination for theatre of the year. It is credit not only to all of the artists and colleagues from the Opera, and the staff of the entire NdB, but in this case it is also necessary to give credit to the politicians. If the city of Brno and the South Moravian Region had not supported us to the level which top opera houses require, we could certainly not have hoped to win such an award. At least not so soon after the introduction of new management," said the NdB director, Martin Glaser.

The stage designer Martin Chocholoušek, costume designer Zuzana Ježková, and lighting designer Torkel Blomkvist, also worked on the production. Bluebeard's Castle/Expectation had its premiere on 15 October 2016 at the Janáček Theatre .