17. 05. 2017

The highlight of the season - the Czech premiere of Rossini's opera Le comte Ory!

Lock up your daughters, sisters and wives because the young Count Ory is here! With his French charm and alluring smile he is on the lookout for another woman to share passion and his undying love with. At the moment he has his sights on the lovely Adéle, who, however, does not reciprocate his interest, and to make matters worse, Hotel Formoutiers, where she is staying, is closed to men until the husbands and brothers return to the guests.


27. 04. 2017

12 May 2017 – Take a look at what's cooking in the opera kitchen

Once again this year the National Theatre Brno is joining in an initiative with dozens of other European opera houses which offers audiences one-off events and presents opera from an unusual perspective.  As part of this year's European Opera Days we will give you a glimpse of our day to day work, rather than just the finished article which you see on stage. As a rule the European Opera Days events are free.


12. 04. 2017

2016 Diva Awards at the Janáček Theatre

The most successful productions shown on the stages of the National Theatre Brno in 2016 were the play  Petrol Lamps,  the ballet  Petite mort  and the opera  Káťa Kabanová . The overall award winner was the singer  Pavla Vykopalová . All of these were chosen by audience members and members of specialist juries who took part in the  2016 Diva Awards , which were presented this evening a the Janáček Theatre.


5. 04. 2017

L’Amour de loin: Theatre News’s success of the month

The production of Kaija Saariaho’s opera L’Amour de loin which we will be staging for the last time in this season on Wednesday 5th April 2017 was named “success of the month” by Theatre News. This label is used by the editors to highlight an exceptional achievement in the world of theatre.


28. 03. 2017

Thalia Award for Pavla Vykopalová

The winner of the Actors’ Association annual Thalia Awards for 2016 in the category Opera – Women is a member of the National Theatre Brno’s opera ensemble, Pavla Vykopalová. She won the admiration of the jury, as well as thousands of audience members in this country, as the title character in Leoš Janáček’s opera Káťa Kabanová. 


28. 03. 2017

95% for L’amour de loin

Olga Janáčková, a reviewer for the Opera Plus website, highly rates the Czech premiere of L’amour de loin (24 March 2017). "Jiří Heřman is a director who always goes deeply into the work he is interpreting, lives with it, discovers its essence, analyzes it in detail and then comes up with a staging that is crystallized in form," writes Olga Janáčková in her review. 


21. 03. 2017

Bluebeard's Castle/Expectation is the production of the year

Bela Bartok's Bluebeard's Castle and Arnold Schoenberg's Expectation, directed by David Radok and conducted by Marko Ivanović, have been voted the best Czech stage productions of 2016. This was the decision of the 89 critics of the Theatre Critics' Awards, which were presented in Prague on 20 March 2017.


14. 03. 2017

Brno debut: Luciano Mastro as Cavaradossi

Following its premiere two years ago, the new production of Tosca, directed by the NTB's Opera Artstic Director, Jiří Heřman, enjoyed recognition from the critics and ovations from audiences. At the time, the critic Olga Janáčková wrote in a review that the "Brno ensemble is starting to flourish.


28. 02. 2017

Ticekts now on sale for opera performances at Špilberk Castle

The Janáček Opera of the National Theatre Brno is expanding its range of opera productions for the summer months in the courtyard of Šiplberk Castle.


8. 02. 2017

A New Carmen: Václava Krejčí Housková

Don't miss one of three opportunities to see it in the March block .

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