Review: 90% for Rules for Good Manners in the Modern World

  • pravidla

Relationships are governed by rules!

"The staging of this Gesamtkunstwerk constantly spills over between its individual components, the orchestra combines with the stage, the wonderful singers are real operatic actors," wrote Olga Janáčková in a review for operaplus.cz of the premiere of Michal Nejtek and Jiří Adámek's opera Rules for Good Manners in the Modern World.

"Nejtek and Adámek's Rules for Good Manners in the Modern World is an enchanting treat in the repertoire of the National Theatre Opera in Brno," wrote Olga Janáčková, continuing, "It's even better that it comes at the start of the season when the Janáček Theatre is closed for reconstruction. The Reduta Theatre is a tried and tested space, and the opera ensemble will gradually perform in many other different places. The fact that they are used to considering all of the specifics of a production means that we won't have to worry about them, even though they can expect some upheaval. Nejtek's Rules for Good Manners in the Modern World has provided a witty opening to the forthcoming challenging period."

The whole article in Czech with photographs is available here.

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