Review: The Brno opera that gives lessons on etiquette

  • pravidla

Relationships are governed by rules!

"This was great work from the conductor, Pavel Šnajdr, who rehearsed the opera and led the orchestra during the premiere. Šnajdr's systematic work with the independent Brno Contemporary Orchestra, made up partly of members from the Opera orchestra, has paid off for the National Theatre," wrote the critic Boris Klepal for the iHNed.cz website.

"The detailed preparations for the opera, which is based on a play by the dramatist Jean-Luc Lagarce, have resulted in a production full of growing tension between how life should be lived and how it is lived in real life," wrote the critic.

"Nejtek uses various formats to create each of the opera's seven scenes - Birth is a passacaglia with a persistently recurring motif, on top of which further layers are added. This is followed by Christening−rondo, Courtship−suite, Engagement−sonata, Wedding− burlesque and The Course of Life−elegy. And Death is a remix,“ states Boris Klepal, concluding his review with the words: "There is a mess left on stage, which each of us leaves behind. Music and human life ends: man is mortal, the rules are alive." You can read the whole review (in Czech only) here.

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