Season 2021/2022

Benjamin Britten
Peter Grimes

A sea that’s beautiful and terrifying, that truly reflects the storms in the human soul and rules the lives of those who are connected with it. People like the fisherman Peter Grimes, who tries in vain to change his life but is constantly rejected by the other inhabitants of his fishing village due to his character. The situation is exacerbated by the death of his apprentice, which raises a number of questions. Was it really an accident or was Grimes directly involved in it? Britten´s Peter Grimes had its Czechoslovak premiere in Brno in June 1947, and now it is returning after almost 75 years as another project bythe great team of conductor Marko Ivanović, David Radok and soprano Jana Šrejma Kačírková after their successful production of Juliette / The Human Voice. The Swedish tenor Joachim Bäcksträm appears in the title role.

Production details

Conductor: Marko Ivanović
Director: David Radok
Stage: David Radok
Costumes: Zuzana Ježková
Premiere: 9th October 2021 at the Janáček Theatre


Bohuslav Martinů
The Greek Passion

We are people persecuted by people. The topic of refugees is one which is currently being discussed in all kinds of ways, but even though it may seem that this theme is one that’s appeared only recently, it has been around since the dawn of humanity. It is also reflected in works of art, and one of the greatest humanist messages was left to us by the Czech composer Bohuslav Martinů in his opera The Greek Passion, which was inspired by the novel Christ Recrucified. The arrival of a group of refugees at the village of Lycovrissi, where the inhabitants have just been through casting for the roles of saints in the local passion plays, unleashes a dramatic course of events which becomes a test of the faith and humanity of all involved. 

Production details

Conductor: Robert Kružík
Director: Jiří Heřman
Stage design: Dragan Stojčevski
Costumes: Alexandra Grusková
Premiere: 5th November 2021 at the Janáček Theatre.


Georg Friedrich Händel

The powerful sorceress Alcina has created a magnificent palace in beautiful countryside upon an island,where she lures lovers into her web of power. One of them is the Christian knight Ruggiero, who succumbs to her spells and forgets about his fiancée Bradamante. However, she does not want to give him up and sets out in disguise to save him. After his successful staging of Purcell´s Dido and Aeneas, Václav Luks will be returning to the Brno Opera, this time with the entire Collegium 1704 orchestra, which today is one of the best ensembles specialising in thehistorically informed interpretation of musical works. Spectators can look forward not only to great singing performances, but also to music performed with Baroque instruments. Alongside Collegium 1704, French theatres in Caen and Versailles are also partners in the production. 

Production details

Conductor: Václav Luks
Director: Jiři Heřman
Stage: Dragan Stojčevski
Costumes: Alexandra Grusková
Premiere: 5thFebruary 2022 at the Janáček Theatre


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
The Magic Flute

The new Magic Flute will be the first opera production by the excellent actor and director Miroslav Krobot, whose time at the Dejvice Theatre has been a great era for that institution. It was with the Dejvice ensemble that he encountered Mozart´s most popular opera for the first time and performed it, with his own arrangement, with great success in 2003. What will his Brno production be like? The Magic Flute is a story of hope in a time of dramatic division. It is a story with a happy ending. We shall draw inspiration from the diversity of Mozart´s music and the comedic potential of the libretto with the aim of creating a production that appeals to viewers through its music and acting. We would like to treat it as something from the original genre of fantasy, rather than asa fairytale or mystery.

Production details

Conductor: Pavel Šnajdr
Director: Miroslav Krobot
Stage: Andrej Ďurík
Costumes: Jana Preková
Premiere: 13th April 2022 at the Janáček Theatre


Giuseppe Verdi

Storms are raging on the coast of Cyprus and the people have gathered in the port to watch in horror as a ship returning from a military campaign against the Turks attempts to make landfall. To everyone´s relief, the ship anchors safely and the crowd welcomes the victorious Otello. A stunning choral performance then ensues, dramatically commencing one of Verdi’s most famous operas, before the story moves on to the dangerous interplay of intrigues and jealousy that arise around Otello and his wife Desdemona thanks to the machinations of the treacherous Iago. This unique work by Verdi is returning to the Brno stage after more than thirty years away.

Production details

Conductor: Robert Kružík
Director: Martin Glaser
Stage: Pavel Borák
Costumes: Markéta Sládečková
Premiere: 17th June 2022 at the Janáček Theatre