Season Openning of the National Theater in Brno

Join the celebrations of the start of the 2015/2016 season in the National Theatre Brno!

Summer is inevitably coming to its end, but in return there is a new theatre season waiting for you. As soon as 2nd September 2015, the Piazzetta will enliven with an open air concert by the Janáček Opera of the National Theatre Brno, which will formally open the season. You can look forward to the soloists, choir and orchestra of the Janáček Opera, along with the NDB ballet, all under the baton of the Chief Conductor Marko Ivanović. You will hear samples from the premieres and the repertoire of the upcoming season performed by Pavla Vykopalová, Václava Krejčí-Housková, Peter Berger and others. An extraordinary guest of the concert will be Vladimír Javorský. This gala concert starts at 5 PM, admission is free.

However, there will be programme for you to enjoy throughout the day. In addition to music you can look forward to fashion shows and good food, as from 10 AM, a one-day Mini Theatre Fashion Market will take place in the open area around the theatre, organized by the LoveMusic Agency. The Theatre Fashion Market will also feature a Local Food Market, with local foodstuffs and delicacies of fine cuisine.

After the end of the opening concert, you can enjoy an Afterparty, to which you are invited by LoveMusic DJ's, who will turn the Piazzetta into a dance floor