Season 2018/2019

Bedřich Smetana

The eternal gods above the clouds gave down on this land with grace!
The creation of an independent Czechoslovak state is one of the most important events in our history. The battle for Czech statehood became an inseparable part of the arts and led to the creation of works that became a permanent symbol of our national culture. One such work is the ceremonial work of musical theatre Libuše by Bedřich Smetana, built on the myth of the fabled Czech princess. It was Smetana’s wish that the work be performed on "particularly significant days" and so it was. The production of Libuše was always associated with ceremonial occasions as well as with the most difficult moments in the life of the Czech nation. This new staging of Libuše marks the occasion of the celebration of the centenary of our statehood. For its performance a place was selected that has played an irreplaceable role in the history of Brno – the premises of the Brno Exhibition Centre – a place that owes its existence to the establishment of the independent republic.

Details of the production

Conductor: Robert Kružík
Director: Jiří Heřman
Sets: Tomáš Rusín
Costumes: Zuzana Rusínová-Štefunková

Premiere 7th September 2018, Brno Exhibition Centre in Pavilion P 


Leoš Janáček
The Cunning Little Vixen

Nature has inscribed a circle around me which I cannot leave, so I sit within and learn to love life.
No opera is so connected with Brno and its surroundings as Janáček’s The Cunning Little Vixen.  Each of Janáček’s operas is original and the Vixen is no different, with human and animal lives interwoven on stage. It is lyrical and melodic, sparkling with humour, kind and with a little of Janáček’s prickliness at the same time and and taking on the earthiness and humane philosophy of life of the eternal cycle of life.

Details of the production

Conductor: Marko Ivanović
Director: Jiří Heřman
Sets: Dragan Stojčevski
Costumes: Alexandra Grusková

Premiere 17th November 2018 in the Janáček Theatre 


Giuseppe Verdi
Don Carlos

It is more important how a person accepts their fate than what that fate is.
Political intrigue, religion and forbidden love – that would be a way of briefly summarising one of the supreme works of the Italian master Giuseppe Verdi - Don Carlos. This work, inspired by a play by the German poet Friedrich Schiller was for Verdi the culmination of the artistic stages leading to the completion of a drama of the highest theatrical quality. Although loosely inspired by historical events like all Verdi's greatest works history is only a framework in the background and in the first place are a timeless story, the psychological sophistication of characters and masterful music capturing their deepest emotional states.

Details of the production

Conductor: Jaroslav Kyzlink
Director: Martin Glaser
Sets: Pavel Borák
Costumes: Markéta Sládečková

Premiere 2nd February 2019 in the Janáček Theatre


Francis Poulenc / Bohuslav Martinů
The Human Voice / Three Fragments from Juliette

Dreams arrive before the dawn.
The director David Radok is returning after successful evening with the two single-act operas Bluebeard’s Castle and Expectation in the last premiere of the season with a project which continues with the study of the relations between men and women, real and perceived, where the present is confronted with the real and fictitious past and figures move around in the world of imagination and dreams. Bohuslav Martinů’s surrealist opera Juliette heads directly toward such a concept and Poulenc’s monodrama The Human Voice, based on the play by Jean Cocteau brings us a truly absurd and even surrealistic situation, where we follow the telephone conversation of a woman.  

Details of the production

Conductor: Marko Ivanović
Director: David Radok
Sets: David Radok
Costumes: Zuzana Ježková

In a coproduction with Opera Göteborg
Premiere 14th June 2019, Janáček Theater