Step behind the Curtain

A 70-minute interactive and adventurous journey into the heart of opera productions.

Take a close look at the opera! Take a Step behind the Curtain with us. The programme is intended for all inquisitive people, young and old, who would like to learn something new about the world of opera. It’s a 70-minute interactive, adventurous and most of all entertaining journey into the heart of opera productions with soloists, a choir and the orchestra of National Theatre Brno’s Janáček Opera. Your guide will be the Chief Conductor Marko Ivanović.

The educational programme is suitable for older elementary and secondary schoolchildren. The Cunning Little Vixen is also suitable for younger elementary school pupils. The Step behind the Curtain is an ideal programme combining musical education with Czech and aesthetics.

The following persons will be happy to provide you with more information:

Tomáš Urbič, urbic@ndbrno_cz (urbic@ndbrno_cz)
Jolana Zajíčková, 542 158 236, zajickova@ndbrno_cz

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