The Cave and the Antonov airplane

Two keenly awaited opera productions of this year’s Janáček Brno Festival are here!

The Czech premiere of The Cave multimedia opera by Steve Reich and Beryl Korot, artists and life partners, performed by Brno Contemporary Orchestra (Tuesday, October 11), and the controversial production of Janáček’s opera From the House of the Dead by Staatstheater Nürnberg (Wednesday, October 12) – these are another two closely watched productions of this year’s Janáček Brno Festival. “I’m sure this controversial production will arouse very passionate discussions in Brno. Even though it crosses all the lines, we will see that everything is based on the score and libretto, if we are willing to stop to think and listen to it,” says Martin Glaser, director of Brno National Theatre, about the direction of From the House of the Dead by director Calixta Bieita.

The audience in Brno is very lucky to have an opportunity to attend a live performance of The Cave, as it is an extremely technically and artistically demanding opera not many ensembles dare to produce. Thus, Brno will become one of just a few places in the world where this opera will be performed live. “The people will leave the theatre with lots of questions in their heads. Everybody will be affected by something which relates to them personally. To liberate people from their stereotypes and inspire them either to find new solutions or to realize what has been true all along. That might be the very core of this opera and, at the same time, something I wish for,” says artistic director of BCO Pavel Šnajdr while entangled in kilometres of cables necessary to install the projection screens (excerpt from his interview for Opera+).

Besides these two big productions, however, the fans of vocal art should not miss another two musical jewels of a more chamber character taking place on Monday, October 10. The unique choir cycle continues in Besední dům with a concert of Brno Czech Philharmonic Choir, and the beautiful lyrical soprano of Martina Janková will fill up Villa Tugendhat in her performance of Janáček’s Moravian Folk Poetry in Songs, accompanied by Ivo Kahánek.