Opera at Špilberk Castle 2019

30. 6. La traviata, 4. 7. Polish Blood, 6. 7. Tosca, 27. 8. Carmen, 29. 8. Barber from Seville, 31. 8. Polish Blood, 1. 9. Nabucco, 3. 9. La traviata

Three Fragments from Juliette / The Human Voice

Dreams arrive before the dawn.

Open-air concert to start the 2019/20 season

Join us in welcoming in the new season on 6. 9. 2019 at the Janáček Theatre Piazzetta!

The Tales of Hoffmann

Love is a flame which burns in one’s eyes, love is a sea of tears one must cry…


Live stream on Opera Vision


Festive performances on 26. and 28. October, 17. November 2019

25. 06. 2019

We are rehearsing The Tales of Hoffmann!

Here are the first shots from the rehearsals!


24. 06. 2019

Famous operetta Polish Blood at Špilberk

4th July at Špilberk Castle, 8 p.m.


22. 06. 2019

The last opera premiere in Brno: Terribly human anxiety and an evening for Jana Šrejma Kačírková

The last opportunity to see this production this season is on 25 th and 26 th June at 7 p.m.


13. 06. 2019

Dreams arrive before the dawn.

Don't miss the last premiere of the season! Three Fragmenst from Juliette and The Human Voice. 14. 6. in Janáček Theatre.


30. 04. 2019

Janáček Brno Festival named Festival of the Year at the prestigious International Opera Awards!

“With this Award National Theatre Brno and its festival now stand amongst the best opera artists and ensembles in the world. Considering this was only the 6th edition of the festival it is an almost unbelievable success…” said Martin Glaser, director of the NdB.


22. 03. 2019

Opera at Špilberk Castle 2019

Warm summer evenings are best spent listening to music under the stars, which is why for the fourth year running the Janáček Opera NTB is bringing opera productions to the romantic surroundings of Špilberk Castle.


8. 03. 2019


After a break of more than a year, large-scale classic operas as well as unique 20th-century works are returning to the stage of the Janáček Theatre.  Book your tickets in good time so you don’t miss the productions presented in blocks!


25. 02. 2019

Don’t miss the return of L’amour de loin by the contemporary composer Kaija Saariaho to the Janáček Theatre!

This opera by the Finnish composer Kaija Saariaho, conducted by Marko Ivanović and directed by Jiří Heřman, won the Divadelní Noviny Prize in the category "Musical Production of the 2016/17 Season", and Divadelní Noviny’s "Success of the Month". There are only three more performances before the end of the season: 23rd, 24th and 29th of March 2019 at the Janáček Theatre.

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