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Serenade / Episodes / Concerto Barocco / Tschaikovsky Pas de deux

George Balanchine was a choreographic phenomenon of the 20th century, and to have a comprehensive evening of selections from his work is a privilege for any company. The neoclassical ballet style, he is considered the father of, is the crystal clear outline of our evening and offers a testament to the evolution of classical dance not only in North America, where it originated.


Premiere: 5th May 2023 at the Janáček Theatre

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To be granted a licence to perform the works of George Balanchine is a testament to the quality of any company that obtains it, and in this regard, the Ballet NdB is duly proud. We presented you the taste of his Serenade back in 2015 in our evening Made in USA and now we are introducing a full profile evening of four titles by the famous choreographer. Balanchine was renowned for his musicality, which stemmed from his deep study of the scores of musical subjects, utilising on his musical education and his active mastery of the piano. His roots, deeply embedded in the Russian ballet tradition, were then given new impulses of other dance and movement styles by his work in America, shaping his new dance language. Our selections will include choreographies created for the School of American Ballet – Tchaikovsky’s Serenade and Concerto Barocco set to Bach’s Violin Concerto, as well as works premiered by the celebrated New York City Ballet. This peak period saw the creation of Episodes with music by Anton Webern, which Balanchine co-wrote with Martha Graham, and Tschaikovsky’s Pas de deux, a brilliant neoclassical pas de deux set to previously unused music from Swan Lake.

We invite you to join us for a unique evening of American ballet by George Balanchine.

Premiere: 5th May 2023 at the Janáček Theatre

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